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Automotive Filters

Your vehicle has a number of different filters and each one works in a different system in your car. Bamaga Auto Marine knows those systems inside and out. For servicing in Bamaga and surrounding suburbs you can count on us.

Quite simply- a filter traps particles which should not be present in, or could do damage to, the system which it filters. Therefore all filters have a lifespan - once they get congested with the particles they are filtering - replacement is a must. Not replacing filters in your car when they need to be changed can lead to expensive breakdowns in some very important parts of your vehicle.

Types of Filters in your vehicle include:

Oil Filter: Cleans the oil and allows it to flow through the engine better
Air Filter: Traps dirt particles which could damage cylinders, walls and pistons
Cabin Air Filter: Keeps pollen, dust and bacteria out of the ventilation system
Fuel Filter: Filters harmful contaminants which could do damage to carburettors or fuel injectors

At Bamaga Auto Marine we provide a full 65 point vehicle inspection report upon request with every full car service. This includes a check of your cars filters to help avoid expensive breakdowns in the future.

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