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Battery Sales & Service

Looking for high-quality automotive and marine batteries in a remote location? Then look no further! Bamaga Auto Marine has your back, being the one-stop solution for all your battery needs. With exceptional customer service, robust battery stock, and their highly experienced staff, Bamaga Auto Marine offers more than just batteries; they provide a hassle-free and convenient service.

Free Driveway Battery Check

Take advantage of their FREE Driveway battery testing, a service available 7 days a week without needing to make an appointment. Just swing by at your convenience, and their expert staff will provide a fast and accurate battery check for you, right from your vehicle.

Free Installation

Thinking about changing your old, inefficient battery or need to replace a dead battery? Bamaga Auto Marine is the perfect place to do so. The cherry on top is the free installation with every purchase, offering a smooth transition and ensuring that your new battery is correctly installed for optimal performance. The team understands the potential consequences of a faulty battery installation, and that's why this free service is vital.

Over 200 Batteries in stock for Small Passenger to Heavy Equipment

Bamaga Auto Marine has an extensive selection of batteries, making them your reliable go-to source for battery sales. They boast an inventory of over 200 batteries for a vast array of vehicles and equipment. Whether you have small cars, SUVs, 4WDs, or require batteries for heavier equipment like trucks, excavators, bulldozers, or graders, Bamaga Auto Marine has got you covered. Not just that, they also have a full stock of marine batteries, off-road dual batteries, and even batteries for your ride-on lawnmowers and other similar equipment. All these options are readily available at competitive prices.

It’s essential to mention that Bamaga Auto Marines location, at the top of Far North Queensland, can sometimes pose unique challenges due to its remoteness and specific driving conditions. But despite these challenges, they successfully managed to offer reliable and timely services to all their customers. It’s their resilience and dedication to provide the best products and services that has helped Bamaga Auto Marine maintain their strong reputation in the region.

Open 7 days a week

Open 7 days a week, Bamaga Auto Marine ensures you will never have to compromise on quality or convenience when purchasing batteries. Their professional staff, comprehensive range, and a firm commitment to their customers have made Bamaga Auto Marine a preferred destination for battery sales and services.

Make the smart choice, and trust Bamaga Auto Marine with all your battery needs!

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